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Bearnson Woodworks Custom Drawer Boxes

Bearnson Woodworks is pleased to offer custom drawer boxes.

We offer several different styles of drawers including Standard Dovetail, Economy dovetail, and Dowel Construction.

Our standard dovetail construction has 1/2 inch dovetails on 7/8 inch centers. We manufacture in all hardwood species as well as Baltic birch. These drawers are either shipped un-finished or finished after construction. This allows for flush sanding on the sides of the drawer. This makes for the highest quality drawer boxes.

Our economy dovetail drawer is manufactured using nested base CNC technology. This method creates a dovetail with a small radius in the corner which creates an "eased corner" look to the dovetail. This construction method is shipped either pre-finished or unfinished ply wood. We do not offer this method in any hardwood species.

We look forward to serving you soon!

Made in the USA